Behavioral Assessments

At Luna BHT, we have over 15 years of experience assessing behaviors in the home, school, and clinical settings. We have extensive experience using evidence-based assessment methodology when evaluating children, adolescents, and adults' severe problem behaviors. We believe that a solid treatment plan starts with a robust Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). We use a sensitive process to pinpoint, with minimal errors, the cause of the problem behaviors. Behavior plans based on an FBA have shown to be more effective and efficient. They have been shown to produce a broader change in the individual's lifestyle with problem behaviors (O'Neill et al., 1997).

The assessment process includes an interview with parents, record reviews, and in-depth assessment of the individual's behaviors and skills in multiple settings using direct observations and functional analysis. The following assessment tools are used during the assessment process:

  • Tests using Norm-Referenced interpretation
  • Vineland -3
  • Tests using Criterion-Referenced interpretation
  • AFLS

By using the most validated and effective ABA techniques at Luna, we identify the relationships between problem behaviors (or skill deficit) and learners' environments. We conduct multiple direct and indirect observations, gather data, and consult with the family members, schoolteachers, or the physician to ensure a robust treatment plan. The taught by the therapist and maintained by the learner and learners' family members.