Our ABA Therapy Services

Applied Behavior Analysis Services

Luna offers behavioral healthcare in Orange County, with a range of services designed to prevent behavioral challenges before they emerge. We stress the fact that prevention is the best intervention, and with our use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) we offer ways to teach communication and other socially acceptable behaviors. 

Behavioral Assessments

A solid treatment plan starts with a thorough Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). We use a sensitive process to pinpoint, with minimal errors, the cause of the problem behaviors. Behavior plans based on these assessments have proven to be more effective. The assessment process includes an interview with parents, record reviews, and in-depth assessment of the individual’s behaviors and skill deficits in multiple settings using direct observations and functional analysis.

Caretaker Education & Training

A main component of an effective ABA program is the incorporation of parents and caregivers in the treatment. In order for ABA therapy to be the most effective, all individuals in the client’s life must follow and implement the treatment with fidelity and consistency. We utilize Behavior Skills Training (BST) when working with parents.

Consultation Services

Consultation services related to special education laws, development of behavior intervention plans for Individualized Education Plans (IEP) and 504 Plans. An IEP is a written document developed and reviewed yearly through a joint effort for each public school child who is eligible for special education. These services assist with autism treatment and behavior intervention needs.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI)

This type of behavioral intervention is considered an evidence-based, comprehensive treatment for children with developmental disabilities. EIBI is based on Applied Behavior Analysis principles and focuses on remediation of learning readiness, communication, imitation, visual spatial skills, pre-academics, self-help, and social interaction skills. If you need behavioral healthcare in Orange County, look no further than Luna.

Focused-Based Interventions

Focused-based interventions address a single skill deficit (e.g., deficit in daily living skills) or problem behaviors (Odom et al., 2010). Focused based interventions are provided 10 to 15 hours a week until the identified skill deficit is taught or socially significant reduction in problem behaviors has been achieved.

Remote Services

Our qualified behavioral health professionals evaluate each case to ensure the patient receives proper treatment. Once we have reviewed your case thoroughly, we will schedule a 1 on 1 meeting with the patient using our HIPPA compliance virtual meeting rooms. After this initial consultation, we will design an appropriate treatment plan for you or your child.

Social Skills Training

Social skills are critical in: community 1) participation, 2) building and maintaining friendships, 3) supporting a high quality of life, and 4) reducing the risk of feeling lonely and developing depression in adolescents and adulthood

We teach and strengthen a number of different social skills using home and community-based services.

Teen & Adult Services

We are here to assist people of any age. Any individual from 0-50 years of age who shows deficits in communication, daily living skills, social interactions, or engage in problem behaviors that create barriers to maximizing quality of life. Each stage of life has its challenges, and Luna is here to help you overcome those challenges.

Toilet Training

Toilet training is available for children of any age who need help with going to the bathroom on their own. Let’s get rid of diapers: Luna is here to help with that! This training includes 2-3 days of training with written advice and procedures. Our qualified team can help your child to be trained and ready to go in the toilet and not in the diaper. Invest in your child and save in diaper costs.

Contact Us to Schedule a Service

If you are interested in scheduling one of our behavioral health services, please give us a call at (949) 989-6932, or send us a message. Luna offers ABA therapy in Orange County for autism treatment, as well as the treatment of traumatic brain injury, neurologically based problems, and intellectual, developmental, and learning disabilities. If you or your child needs behavioral health treatment, Luna is here to help!